Attention Freehold Landlords: Call us to sell your Property at Best Price. We have Ready-To-Buy Customers for Lands, Villas, Flats, Building & Warehouse, in Al Zahra, Al Mohiyat, Nuaimiya, Sawan, Rashidiya, Bustan & Al Jurf (1,2,3,7,13,15 & 16). Please Call: Mr Ali 050-8934410 and Miss Nada 050-2078625                 Freehold Villas in good Location & Good Prices, available for sale in Al Mohiyat & AL Zahra. Nearest to Emirates Road. 3 B/R - 5,000 sq.ft. AED 750,000/-, 5 B/R - 5,000 sq.ft. AED 850,000/- 6 B/R - 6,400 sq.ft. AED 1.7 Million. Please Call: Mr Ali 050-8934410 and Miss Nada 050-2078625                 Freehold Land For Sale in Ajman (3600 sq.ft, 5000 sq.ft 6400 sq.ft, 10,000 sq.ft, 30,000 sq.ft, 43,500 sq.ft) For Residential, Commercial & Industrial Puroses. Available in Al Zehra, Al Mohiyat, Al Jurf, Nauimiya, Rashidiya, Sawan, New Jurf & Emirates Modern Industrial Area. With 100% Ownership. Please Call: Mr Ali 050-8934410 and Miss Nada 050-2078625                
Nasa Villas  
  ■ Project Overview

Nasa Villas

No one understands the sands of the Emirates better than us, and our designs reflect our passion and appreciation for the same. As concerned developers, we consider it part of our commitment to ensure we tread carefully on the delicate feet of Mother Nature. Our success is defined by the balance we strike between progress and our responsibility to nature.

Al Ittihad Village - a fine blend of quality living built to suit your needs. Set amidst lush green surroundings of Ajman City located conveniently on the Emirates Road. Al Ittihad Village offers you a perfect harmony between a quality living and an impressive surroundings. Live within the environs of beautiful lakes and green parks complimented by Mosque, Shopping Mall and a well equipped Community Park for your kids to enjoy and you to unwind the days stress.

Leave behind the hustle of city life. Calm your body and mind as you allow yourself to be enveloped by the lush greenery of nature, embraced by the peace and serenity it offers. A short drive from Dubai, but far enough for comfort, is Ajman city. A small town boasting lush greenery alongside modern amenities, Ajman is a respite from the rigours of big city traffic and pollution woes. Like a plant that springs up defiantly against harsh climatic conditions, Ajman is rising as a strong contender in the UAE property market.

Experience the pleasures of family time and office hours without ever having to leave home. The Nasa Villas are designed as a home-cum-office set-up, where the ground floor serves as an office, and the rest, a home.

Maintain a distance between the two with separate entrances and parking areas, and a flexible floor plan
that allows you to keep business time for business and family time for the family. No more traffic woes,
no more time on the road. It’s all in a day’s work.

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